Our Staff

Our teachers at FPNS are a caring and dedicated group of talented, loving, and patient adults with backgrounds in education. 


We are committed to children, families, and our community. Our commitment means that we spend hours in professional learning classes to keep current with the latest research in our field, and we seek out the best experts we can find to help us continue to learn.


We love it when our former students come back to enroll their own children at FPNS!

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Joanne Amelung LaVista, Director

Joanne retired from the New Canaan Public Schools in 2014 as the Principal of West School after 34 years in education. She began her teaching career at Center School in 1980, and when the school closed in 1983, Joanne joined the team that started the 6th grade at Saxe Middle School. Later, she would become the Math and Technology coordinator there. Joanne returned to the classroom to teach at West School. After taking some time to raise her daughter, Joanne collaborated with teachers, K-5, in all areas of the curriculum for the Fairfield Public Schools as the District Improvement Resource Teacher, with a focus on Technology and Gifted Education. In 2001, Joanne returned to West School as the Assistant Principal and later became the Acting Principal of West. Joanne has a BS in Early Childhood Education, a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology and a Sixth Year degree in Educational Administration from Fairfield University. She is delighted to have returned to the educational setting here at FPNS.