CT Learning Hub 

The CT Learning Hub is a free and interactive resource to support online and offline learning to CT families, students and educators: https://portal.ct.gov/SDE/Academic-Office/CT-Learning-Hub

Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards

Simple tips for adults to support early learning and development: http://www.ct.gov/oec/lib/oec/earlycare/elds/sections/actionguides.pdf 

First Presbyterian Church

For more information on joining the First Presbyterian Church of New Canaan please visit:  www.fpcnc.org 

FPNS will give priority placement to members of the church following siblings and legacy enrollment.  Please contact Director Joanne LaVista.

New Canaan Cares Parenting Seminars

Looking for helpful information? Details can be found on the New Canaan Cares website: http://www.newcanaancares.org/parent-programs/

Read Aloud!

Want to understand more about the importance of reading aloud to your children?  Check out "The Art of Reading Aloud" by Jim Trelease: www.trelease-on-reading.com

Two Take Aways From Diane Hobbs' Parenting Seminar

1) Build fences around your family time that is free of devices. Spending completely undistracted time reading, bouncing a ball, playing tag,
going for a walk, or whatever activity you enjoy that is device free and centered on your child or children is one of the best gifts you can give them. Taking this time to focus on your only children and just have some fun shows them that you value them. 

2) When you can offer your child a choice rather than presenting a demand it helps to build your relationship with your child. When our kids
are given choices this cultivates their confidence in their decision making abilities. These skills will encourage their independence in the future. 

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